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Social Development

AT ITMAM we believe that it is our duty to contribute to impact making and bring about positive change in our society, for this, we dedicate our efforts to support policy makers who are working hardly to provide a conducive environment for change and at the same produce the desired impact.


Developing and following up implementation of charities support project

We work with SNAD to maximize tangible impact of SNAD program on supporting society groups, indicate the efforts made by His Royal Highness in the development of society by following up the charities support and implementation of programs and developing procedures and operations to maximize the support impact on beneficiaries from society members. Among the most important project deliverables we are working during the current period, charities and supported programs classification document, business model to follow up the work progress, operation and following up mechanism and designing a document for support and following up procedures of development programs.


Developing the Strategic Plan, Policies, Procedures and Governance of Saudi Heritage Preservation Society

In this project, ITMAM developed the strategic plan in accordance with the heritage structure in-line with the strategic orientation of the Saudi Vision, as well as developing the policies and procedures of organizational sections. The following deliverables were among those we completed throughout the project: the current situation document of the Society, best practices document for NGOs concerned with Heritage, strategic directions document, roadmap document, governance policies of the Society and policies and procedures of organizational units.


Youth NPOs Accelerator and Incubator

We are currently working with Muhammad bin Salman Foundation “MISK” to implement Youth NPOs Accelerator Program and Youth NPOs Incubator Program. As an implementing partner, we ensure the implementation of the accelerator and incubator in the best way possible and work with the participating organizations to successfully complete their journey over the two programs’ duration, thus contributing to the development of youth NPOs and initiatives as well as to the development of the third sector.


Building expenses strategy, operating Sustainability and Empowerment program and initiatives and development programs project in Awqaf sector

Building the expenses strategy, providing the necessary support in managing, operating the Sustainability and Empowerment program, initiatives, development programs in the sector, and building and developing the methodologies necessary for work.

In addition to that we completed various deliverables like, an interactive platform for monitoring, following up and documenting the progress of project implementation, evaluating and developing of the Authority’s development e-platform, holding a workshop on “Waqf Investment Funds” in the presence of (organizations, financial companies, the Council of NGOs as well as those interested in the sector), communicating with more than 50 organizations to conduct questionnaires measuring the  beneficiaries’ experiences and designing Quick Wins Plan.


Center of Nonprofit Sector Services

The project scope focused on the establishment of services center that are provided to the NGOs sector by the ministry, in addition to designing the center’s policies, procedures and business model. We also worked on developing a strategy for the center in line with the objectives of the NGOs sector and the ministry alike. The following deliverables were among those we worked on throughout the project: center’s strategy, policies and procedures manual, business model, organizational structure and authority matrix, initiatives and performance indicators, provided operational support, developed the center’s e-portal and designing the forms and services manual.