Our service

Technology and Innovation

At ITMAM we understand the scale of the unusual challenges faced by different sectors, for that our approach is to work with our clients to go beyond the usual solutions and find innovative and appropriate means that are consistent with the nature of those challenges.


Activation of National Business Innovation System

We work with the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises to activate the National Business Innovation System in the Kingdom, by preparing various studies on emerging technologies and innovative business models and partnering with various stakeholders to establish joint innovation centers. We also contributed to link the stakeholders with one another by organizing multiple meetings across the Kingdom.


Center of Excellence for Digital Knowledge and Content

We worked to support the General Administration of Knowledge and Digital Content to build methodologies for measuring the impact of the events held by the administration, and we also developed many of the foundations of the events held by the Ministry, such as future skills and digital knowledge.

 We also supported the General Administration in the tasks entrusted to it internally and related to other departments, such as the Strategic Department and the Vision Realization Office.


Program product development support

We developed the products aiming at contributing to the development of IT sector in the Kingdom, through research and development of business models, selection of partners and providing support for networking between internal and external partners. In addition to supporting the program operations and other supporting functions like, communication, financial and legal tracks.