Our Services

Compliance and Evaluation

The continuous improvement and compliance with quality standards are fundamental to the success of any organization striving for growth, therefore, we work with our clients to develop the required standards that go in line with the goals of the organization and contribute to the development of its ecosystem, we also spare no effort to share with our clients everything that would promote and develop the capacities of organizations and individuals.


Governance visits to NGOs

In this project, and in partnership with MHRSD, we carried out +1K visits to measure the commitment of the NGOs to the governance standards adopted by MHRSD, we also contributed to developing these standards to meet the current situation of NGOs and thus contributing to their development.


Standards for outsourcing/attributing the Ministry's services to NGOs

We worked in ISNAD project to align ISNAD -attribution- standards for the services provided by the ministry and in line with the government procurement system, which could be attributed to NGOs sector. We developed standards to ensure raising the administrative and technical level and finding qualified staff for organizations that wish to work with the Ministry of Housing in implementing its projects.


Development of Policies, Procedures and Governance

We worked with the Saudi Heritage Preservation Society to develop all the polices and procedures of the Society, and setting out the organizational governance in accordance with NGOs’ governance standards.


Inspection and field visits for Awqaf

We work with the General Authority for Awqaf to supervise and follow-up the activities of Waqf’s like, works and stakeholders, understanding the challenges and risks they are facing, developing and improving the work system and maximizing its impact through direct communication with beneficiaries, receiving complaints and observations to list and analyze them, carrying out inspection visits.