Our Services

Implementation and Project management

We devote our resources and experiences to maintain the business continuity and acceleration, achieve desired outcomes, increase effectiveness through the appropriate knowledge of the client’s trends and provide effective implementation solutions.


Establishing and Operating the Office of Strategy Management and Organizational Excellence

In this project, ITMAM contributed to establishing, developing and operating the Office of Strategy Management and Organizational Excellence to be responsible for planning, activating and implementing the strategy of the General Authority for Competition, including aligning the strategy, developing project management practices, and issuing periodic reports and indicators in a way that helps the authority to obtain information on strategic indicators and the status of projects. As well as setting a plan for the transfer of knowledge, continuity of development and ensuring business sustainability, in addition to training and qualification of relevant core staff.


Alternative Funding Solutions Program – Innovation Funding – Second Year

In this project, we are working to attract and support entrepreneurs by promoting the program, receiving applicants, and evaluating their projects with the help of a specialized technical team and a projects’ selection committee who are having wide experience and practice in the field. In addition to this, we are working on directing and following up the project owners’ businesses in order to secure the desired impact from each project, that aims to achieve the project’s strategic objectives.


Implementation of Strategy and Project Management System

We are working in partnership with the Strategy Office for Developing Al Baha Region to implement and customize the strategy and project management system, in which we aim at raising the office performance, follow up the implemented and future projects that are aligned with the region’s strategic plans, and display the projects status through a dashboard showing the details of the projects and the responsible teams, measuring performance and sharing reports in real time to help executives and senior management take appropriate decisions in a timely manner. Among the most important project deliverables: designing the platform, analyzing all technical requirements, providing licenses, customizing the tool, automating workflow processes and procedures and providing technical support and maintenance.